Boost your students' mathematical problem-solving skills with the NSF-supported MathBrainius software

They will ace problems they thought were hopeless at first.

Mathematical Problem-Solving Strategies that Work

Students learn strategies that greatly simplify complex problems. These include finding the invariant, reducing dimensions or mapping, choosing a different point of view, recasting, imposing symmetry, and numerous others.

Full Immersion in Realistic 3D

Socratic dialogs and realistic 3D worlds require frequent interactions which keep students immersed at all times. The math problems are interesting and most of them come from real life.

Non-intrusive Assessment and Continuous Scaffolding

An expert avatar, Prof. X. Plain, guides students through problems of increasing difficulty. Students are assessed non-intrusively during purposeful Socratic dialogs, and their learning is scaffolded by deeper and deeper visual explanations.

Intuitive Educators’ Dashboard

Educators can watch short synopsis videos of each problem, print a detailed lesson planning guide, and assign tasks to individual students or an entire class.

Revealing Progress Reports

The reporting is highly visual and detailed. Educators can easily find the weak spots of a student, whether they are in mathematical content or skill. Class-, grade-, and school-level reports are available at the district level.

A team dedicated to education.

Mgenuity Research was founded in 2012 with the goal of developing jaw-dropping educational software that illuminates and makes students deeply understand core concepts in science and mathematics.

Our team includes a Presidential award-winning science educator, accomplished science writers, internationally known mathematicians and math-education experts, as well as 3D and software gurus.

Supported by the National Science Foundation

MathBrainius is supported by a National Science Foundation SBIR grant.

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